The issues our country faces today are more complex than ever and the potential consequences are dire. Unfortunately our government seems to be at a loss for unified solutions as partisanship has taken center stage. Our government leaders need our help. They need real deal solutions and they need them now. What's your idea? What's your solution? How can we fix the mess we're in?

There are solutions. And until now it has been almost impossible for someone like you - someone who's simply part of society, and not the political machine, to get our ideas heard. And realized/implemented. Many of us have given up trying to make a difference, trying to have our voice heard in the din.

Well no longer! Have your voice heard!

NewWorldPolitics.com aims to provide direct access to our political leaders.

Political leaders get inundated every day with calls and e-mails from individuals who haven't given up. However this is overwhelming and ineffective. It's hard for a public leader to know if an idea would have any backing or support by the rest of the public. NewWorldPolitics organizes ideas by topic and gives everyone an opportunity to submit and support ideas they think have merit. Ideas with support rise to the top of the heap, garnering popularity for their merit - not because of who thought of it, or who paid for it, or who it benefits - but because it is truly worthy.

Create a better tomorrow, all you have to do is click to support your favorite solutions. We invite all constructive opinions and we invite you to explore solutions in a non-partisan manner. We welcome all kinds of ideas - not just those that fix problems, but also those that challenge our current norms.

All of our voices matter and together we hold the power to create real change.
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